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Beyond the Nothingness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Dec. 28th, 2006|11:59 pm]
In Pieces

Life came to him in pieces
that slowly faded away
the ones he would hold
inside of his soul
got smaller with every day
stage of progression
back to a gaping

of the Wolves
singing out to burning sky
carried his dreams on the ash
lamented of Angels
meaningless horror of life
afflicted with living
no more, no subtance, no dream
From nothingness came all I ever knew...

Fading again
silence once more supreme
and yet
renewed vision
to see
the crack of light
the bane of life
Once more awake into dream...
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cataclysm [Apr. 26th, 2006|08:10 pm]
[music |Neofolk 2\02 - Atomtrakt - Kalte Relikte Des Verfalls]

Music of rejoice
lift spirits into trance
bright and gay
dance slower,
chill taint the air
let catch decay
within the song
in one instant, one passing kiss
fertility is siezed
love raped, cast astray
stripped and beaten
the music plays on

and we dance
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(no subject) [Nov. 26th, 2005|08:37 pm]
[music |fluorescent, lurker of chalice, siouxie & the banshees]

Welcome the wind unto your heart
whip now the barren fields of love
Senseless you watch it all drift
caught away, up and above
This is the tomb of humanity
Fall forever to sleep in chains
of flesh, blood and scorn
lives lost drain all around
black hole to fill your sight
congregate unto the horror born
Fall forever into
Fall forever away
Fall forever anew
Fall but never escape
Purity sleeps inside
Inside inferno awaits
Torn open
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Leviathan Structure [Nov. 14th, 2005|03:37 pm]
[music |krieg - maelstrom]

I trust no one, I love no one, believe nobody's words
I will never walk among the living in their herds
Never shall i be washed in the light of day,
Never to walk the straight and narrow way,
To conform in the human destiny of earth

My inheritance by birth was in separation of the living
Of their rituals and conspiracies, Of their quests and dreams
This madness and frustration, the sense of forbidding
This is mine alone and alone i surpass all felt and seen

The instinct of the scorpion, heart of the wolf, eyes of the serpent never to close
This soul is a predator's collection, this pulse is essence of the beast
Your race and your wants, blinder sight, I stand spiteful ever opposed
Though my breed is dead and i hide in the depths, I shall never accept defeat

This mark I wear, these chains that hold me down....
The skull is the chalice of eternal life....
Swallow in open-mouthed kisses, drink deep the black waters of my sorrow
And feel the sorcery of death entwine....

All knowledge lays buried, all truth is dead and rotten
I wish to rejoin these things, where corpses moulder
To find release of desire, of thirst and this burden
Where maggots feed and silence reigns, i shall rest forever....

Sweet Oblivion, goddess of my spirit, Take me in your white embrace
Precious whore of the darkness, You were ever my only Love....
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2005|09:10 pm]
[music |faith no more, coph nia, moonblood, christian death]

Walls of rage and sorrows
twenty feet thick
your words lost
fade into these and those
quickly gone at any cost
try to be what you feel for me
just harbor resentment
in the confines of your nature
storming, clashing
forces collide and you can't hide from
what you're inside of
can't find contentment
now your fears fall around as hail
now the future's closing in on your
state of uncertainty, look up at me
above you, coming down, twenty miles high
will you ever see
the difference in me for what it is
twenty years away from me
behind me
inside me

forgive me, it's in your nature
twice and three times, again i feel betrayed
like a metaphor for mankind
cheating god, but i'm here waiting
and you're out there again
outside of me, nine ways to leave
one way to make it hurt, this pain
comes at a cost, you left so soon
you've lost all respect from family and friends
so does it feel that bad inside me
if you care to come back i'll make room
in the hollow of my heart
if you care to leave me again
i swear i will rip you apart
i slip away and feel those arms
reach out to hold me safe from harm,
i sleep and wake and you are gone...

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(no subject) [Nov. 4th, 2005|11:00 pm]
[music |leviathan- verrater, tentacles of whorror, xasthur split]

I did not know what it was to lie
I did not know, what was a lie?
no such thing,
no way to know
within from without
no without from within

I had to know, to dare defy
to separate, to step inside

seen through another's eyes
the satisfaction of concealment grows
the mystery
the clutch,
the thrill
the foolishness
of innocence
seems forever
the assurance
seems forever
(step inside)
the warm walls enclose
melted on me
encroaching mass
the light of known deception
desperation growing fast
the assurance gone
step inside
feel the collapse
traps sprung for onesself
disgusting lies, your promises
all this, all lies
how could I know
all along

eyes dejected
jaded cuts in sight
reality twisted
the new purity
destroyed, over and over
as your lips
around the words
you speak to me
I see the light in your eyes
the spark of it
the disgust
passes between us
(step inside)
and stays
did you know
how could you
now you know
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(no subject) [Nov. 4th, 2005|10:35 pm]
[music |leviathan- verrater, 10th level of suicide, howl mockery...]

Nocturnal emotions
bleak empathy
blanket my painful scars
vesperian blood
fleeting eternity's
tears of remembrance
threatening, whimpering
Lacrymabundous gleam of gun
a lust within the chamber
Silence of epic proportion

Fornicate the memories in time
my mind adrift in nyctalis waves
Gorge the cockroach spawn
wretched beings of fear and slime
Procreating in hatred, misery's slave
eat away the lifetime now gone

I think of these, I think of you
and then i close the door
between us
On this night of your death
the ugliness, the filth of men and beast
rubbing my flesh raw, residing in me
never to feel your shameful caress
between us
never to await for more
Never to rest in dream with you


' A canopy of paranoia
threatening light
at its sting
Visions of existence
appear and recede
for isn't it the end
that makes passion rise
And isn't it the during
that raises the chalice
of tears '

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(no subject) [Oct. 31st, 2005|05:43 pm]
[music |Immortal, Goathemy, Mayhem, Obscure Vortex]


rule my dreams


speak to me, in yours

don't just speak to me, with words. . .

creep to me, i'll be there

in your first cold winter

and i'll be strong, in the secret silence

all ours

all hours belong to us, this winter
dream you, dreaming me
belongs to us
the firstborn winter come, we'll come together

eyes closed, to hold forever
in your dreaming mind, there is no other
i need,

i bleed, i burst for you

i freeze

don't ever leave me

please don't leave

no never leave me

please. . .

dreamer, dream me
my love, please, and i'll be there
no ground, no sky, no separation
please don't leave

no never leave me

please. .




I sigh... it leaves my body and fades

like the memories

once bright and touched by angels' eyes

warm and wet

now freezing my hands

as I reach out to touch



laughter echoing cold, distorting

sick mind's eye, fracture the distance into pain

enemies all

eviscerate me, feed me to oblivion

her face in anger, in entropy

all. gone. dead.



fall around my hearse like rain

fall and fade away

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(no subject) [Aug. 25th, 2005|09:00 pm]
[music |mozart, mistigo vargoth darkestrah, xxx maniak, lomond]

Heart Of Gore

masks of conceit, voices trailing into night
rage burns black in cold blood
prowling these streets in gloomy light, cold steel shines sick
i will cut you apart tonight; i will be that which ends your life
human features twisted in pain, fascination with demise
my life means nothing, and now yours is
over in a second that erases forever, inside...
eyes dissected, bones removed, torso impaled, flesh strewn
heads smashed apart, screams choked by bloodloss
pumping heart of gore
mutilated human carcasses, venom controls my hands
to destroy all human life is my only wish
crack of bones, scrape of steel, ripped flesh, bloody mist
experiment in agony, compulsive homicide,
christ i depise this fucking race!
struggling victims, frightened noises, defiant curses, dying moans
scars on my face, last sight, as i stare at you w/the empty eyes of a shark
blood burbling from the throat, eyes roll back
my human dick is in a jar on the wall
cold and dead as your corpse
heart of gore, nothing more
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wormhoney [Aug. 12th, 2005|03:40 am]
[music |grabnebelfuersten, aaskeria, !t.o.o.h.!, potentiam, evil]

black fingernails
scrape away
smiling eyes,
pull me up from the dirt
hurts for a moment
then nothing
red flesh consume my mind
consumed by time
inside my head
life painted as gone
interpretation of a demise
the perfect end to a song
only the beginning changes

innards exposed
growing cold in the early morning air
slowly lifted into a mouth of
vast expanse... warm, fecund
touching on your tongue
my asexual life is complete
my death is justified
it is done

a single silver cord
stretching through cosmic space
an orb of divine light
rays of energy reflecting on the surface
and now fade to see
what went wrong
fade out to see
the cord detatched, collapse
the perfect end to a song...
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